Dynamic Currency Conversion is an extremely useful service that lets a consumer pay at a merchant’s payment terminal in the currency of his origin country. With the advent of globalization and fast transport services, people travel around countries that have completely different currencies. Dynamic currency conversion helps such people so that currency conversion may never be a hassle during their travel. T360 Pay payment terminals provide dynamic currency conversion with various credit and debit card issuers such as MasterCard, visa, Etc. Dynamic currency conversion is a great tool for expatriates, tourists, and immigrants who keep on traveling so that they never have to worry about money. While availing of Dynamic currency conversion, your card issuer may deduct a certain small amount of conversion fees/ exchange rate, which you may be knowledgeable of before doing a transaction.

Never lose a foreign customer:

If any piece of your equipment is malfunctioning, we’ll replace it within the next business day.
Please make sure you call our support team before 3 p.m. ET. Depending on the nature of the damage, you may be asked to cover the $45 swap fee.
This fee covers the damaged equipment, overnight shipping of the replacement unit, and the return shipping of the current unit.

Provide hassle-free payment services to your foreign customers:

Dynamic currency conversion lets you accept payments in any currency on the go so that there are no limits in accepting diverse currency payments.

Increase your customer retention:

If you be able to accept payments from foreigners easily, they will prefer to visit your counters again rather than looking for new options, thus increasing the possibility of them visiting again till they stay in your country.